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Candle Chase Apartments in Fort Worth, TX, welcomes you home with a pet-friendly, smoke-free apartment community with convenient features and amenities at an affordable price.

6822 S Hulen St
Fort Worth, TX 76133

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Reviews about Candle Chase Apartments

Happy clients talk about Candle Chase Apartments located in Fort Worth, TX!

Check out what our residents are saying about Candle Chase Apartments located in Fort Worth, TX! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at [email protected] or call today at 817-438-3691. We will be happy to assist.

"I'm a current resident and I can't imagine the stress on corporate/owner trying to bring our place to be a good place to live. I'm so thankful to have been here for years without any problems. For many of us it's home for some it's a temporary place. They'll give you a chance but it's up to you to pay on time and they'll work with you. Our apartment managers are very helpful, especially our new manager C.J. He's very hands-on. He walks the property all day trying to get things done for the tenants. He's on it when there's an issue. Overall it's an affordable, well-lit, safe place to live I like it here and with the cost of rent in other places I'm staying if they don't make me move for something beyond my control 😆!"

Seeking H.

"Wonderful place. Ms. Joyce is so nice and helpful. She is always polite! Thanks for everything Ms. Joyce keep up the good work!"


"I’ve been working with Ms.Cooper on getting my family and myself into a new home before the holidays! She has been every bit of professional, STRAIGHT FORWARD, and extremely compassionate in getting us squared away. I was extremely nervous about all of this, but she understood ME and didn’t judge me one bit! This experience so far has been fast and super easy! Give her what she needs, and she’ll get you where you need to be - simple. Thank you for all the help thus far!"

Atalya J.

"Mr. Bennie made sure to get me moved in and take care of it in my time of need. He actually sat down and took the time to get to know me."

Jailyn D.

"Mr. Bennie is awesome. When my father couldn't pay rent he helped us get assistance with that. He makes time to deal with the needs of the residents and he always has some type of event for the kids. He's overall just a very helpful person❤️"

Shavonya W.

"I’ve been here for a few months and I can say it's an amazing place. Case the maintenance guy is the best and Bennie, the apt manager, works with you and ensures safety. All the neighbors get along. This is something that helps me breathe at night. Thank You, Candle Chase."

Joseph S.

"I'm a current resident and things are changing for the better. The new manager is very personable and helpful. He's getting this place in order. Loud music has stopped because the manager doesn't allow that. Maintenance is always busy on the grounds and repairs are done quickly. Trash is full all the time because people in surrounding homes bring their trash to dump in our complex. Candle Chase has been safe and management has never been better."

Seeking H.

"Although I don't live here my sister and her family do. When we first met Mr. Bennie it was an amazing feeling, as if he was part of your family. This man did not talk above your head he spoke so that my sister would understand before we left the office he restated the information again about leasing he made sure we understood how the process went and what all documentation we need also how much money we had to turn in. Hands down for Candle Chase for picking this manager. Each time that I cone visit my family I have found this man outside watering flowers, helping his manutenance throw away furniture and walking around (not sure if he trying to get his steps in) lol but at any rate Mr. Bennie from me thank you for keeping my sister whom is a single mom with kids safe we love you and you are the best keep doing what you do to make Candle Chase a better community."

Cris C.

"My aunt Willena has lived here for over 18 years. She is still happy with it. She has had opportunities to move elsewhere, but she loves the staff and the friends she has made there. There is never a parking problem. Everyone is friendly. I never see bugs in her apartment, as they spray often. Great job Candle Chase!"

Crystal K.

"I have been living at candle chase for 18 years.I love it. No parking problem. l staff go over and be beyond to help in any way they can. As far as bed bugs I have not had any.They often spray for roaches. However when you live in apartments everybody is not as clean as you,so you have to do your part also to help keep the roaches out."

Willena M.

"I've live here at Candle Chase now going on now 6years i seen the mangers come and go but the best managers to walk this property has been 2 guys the fist guy was Mr. Boyd and he ruled this property with all fairness and understanding. After Mr. Boyd comes our Newest manager Mr. BENNIE. Mr. Bennie is one of a kind he rules the property with a understanding and firmness. If there is sonething wrong hes on top of it him and his sidkick Mr. CAS. the maintenance guy. These guy walk this community all day cleaning trash and making sure the dumpsters are clean . You could not ask for a better staff and people wonder why ww 100 percent dull."

Vanessa N.

"I have been leaving in candle chase apartments 28 year and I love it I Thank the apartment complex for the friendly staff in the leasing office Damien is a great manager and Destiny is a great helpful leasing agent. I love it here and I Thank You all. And I Pray for your company to grow. And Thank You"

Chibuike A.

"Candle Chase apartments is a great place to live. There is peace on the property and good neighbors as well. The staff is very friendly and when you need help with anything they try their best to fix the problem."

Theresa J.

"I lived here for one year and loved it. The community itself is the greatest.Low crime,very family oriented,wonderful people,mixed race community,good schools,stores not to far. My neighbors.....I couldn't have asked for better.If I could I would pay all of their rent for them.The staff is nice,respectful,considerate,friendly. Once I repay my debt to them I'm definitely moving back."

Corneilus T.